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"The LEGEND Band" has had musicians who come and go and then sometimes come back, and then some times go again. Sometimes it's because of too little money, sometimes it's because of too much work. No matter the reason, we have always fought to feel the magic on stage! We still work in the studio and support each other even if one is working with a different band now. Here is the list of musicians whom at one time or another were offically a member of "The LEGEND Band" of Pensacola, Florida:

Sandra Kaye - Vocals, Percussion, Lights and Band Leader.
Silva Saxon - Keyboards, Flute, B3, Wind Synth, Musical Director and onstage Soundman.
Barry Miller - Bass, Vocals, Lights.
Jim Nunnelley - Guitars, Vocals, Harmonica.
Tim Coale - Drums.
Mike Traynor - Drums, Vocals.
Lance Berklund - Bass, Vocals.
Steve Pullen - Guitar, Vocals.
Alan Girdner - Drums.
Danny Amos - Guitar, Vocals.
Blaine Butler - Guitar, Vocals.
Gene Burleson - Drums.
Jerry Dawson - Guitar, Vocals.
Johnny Quiggins - Guitar, Vocals.
Dudley Alderman - Drums, Vocals.
Roger Agerton - Bass.
John Tenorio - Drums.
Gary VanGorp - Drums.
Doug Stiers - Drums, Vocals.
Charlie Stough - Guitar, Vocals.
Andy Nelson - Bass, Vocals.
Mike Miller - Drums.
Roy Harris - Piano, Trumpet, Vocals.
Troy Robinson - Guitar, Vocals.
Ken Baggett - Bass, Vocals.
Paul Senesky - Guitar, Vocals.
Chris Stephenson - Guitar, Vocals.
Charlie Powell - Bass
Steve Gunter - Guitar
Lucky Kelson - Keyboards
Daniel Boyette - Guitar
Jeff Zuck - Guitar, Vocals
KW Kelly - Bass, Vocals
Steve Maples - Bass, Vocals
Brandon Hamilton - Drums
Eddie Parker - Guitar, Vocals
Bryan( BREEON) Achee - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Victor Allen Jones - Drums, Vocals